Shira Nicks – Angel Mamas

Shira Nicks proves you can be charitable, help others, and have an incredibly fun time doing it. Her organization, Angel Mamas was started in 2008 and has positively affected both the families they support but also the mothers or “Mamas” that put in all the hard work. Shira joined me, along with a few of her fellow Mamas: Tracy Nadler, Stephanie Haymann and Kristie Wurtz. They left quite an impression on me, and almost an impression on the Tesla – but luckily all ended well 🙂

Location: Phoenix AZ

What we discuss:

  • :30 – Intro to Angel Mamas
  • 1:15 – Shira’s surprise
  • 1:55 – Background of Angel Mamas
  • 3:15 – Wings of Love program
  • 5:40 – Angel Mamas gets on local and national news!
  • 14:25 – Someone gets Car Sick!

More about Shira Nicks & Angel Mamas:

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