Here is a list of all the Tesla Trip resources, all on one page. I will continually be updating this list so check back often. Enjoy!

My eBook

How Anyone Can Afford A Tesla” – If you really want a Tesla, but it seems just a bit out of grasp this eBook can help get you there.

Tesla Accessories

EVannex – This is the go-to place for aftermarket Tesla accessories.

Products I use on the Million Dollar Tesla Trip

AirBnB – Better than a hotel and allows you to “live like a local” which is what makes road trips fun. SAVE $25 if you use this link and are a new user!

Uber – If I want to take a break from driving, or want to enjoy an adult beverage I hop in an Uber. Use Promo Code uberMyTesla to get your first ride free when you download the app.

Coleman Airbed – On those occasions where I can’t get a place, I can always sleep in the Tesla! It works great.

Airbed Pump – Here is the pump to automatically inflate the airbed in under a minute.

Battery Tire Pump – This is a lifesaver on the road, as it’s a separate source of power and can inflate your tires from anywhere.

GPS Logbook – This tracks all my milage, which comes in handy for the taxman.

EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash – This is how I keep the Tesla clean no matter where I go! Great for normal dust build up and light dirt.

Optimum No Rinse – This is when the car needs a deeper wash. Still no need for rinsing so saves water also.

MicroFiber Cloths – These work great to wash, clean & dry your car on the go. Just wash to reuse.

Video Production

GoPro Hero 4 Silver – This is the GoPro with the full size screen on the back so you can see your shots and easily adjust the settings.

Samsung Note 2 on Verizon –

G-Tech 1TB Hard Drive – I will be using lots of these to store the video clips of the Million Dollar Tesla Trip.

32GB MicroSD Card – These are what I use in my GoPro’s and phone to record video clips.

Disclosure: Please note, some, not all, of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you decide to purchase. Thank you for using the links below – it helps offset the cost of running this site so I can bring you as many free resources as possible! Please know that I personally used or have experienced the products I recommend, and will also note the things I don’t like about products when applicable. Of course, only purchase the products that will help you and let me know if you have questions about any of them.