Jonny Imerman – Imerman Angels

Watch Jonny Imerman tell me the story of his near death experience where he was oozing blood during an extremely risky cancer operation. Luckily for us, now all Jonny oozes is inspiration – in big doses. His attitude is truly infectious.

Jonny now leads Imerman Angels, the worlds largest database of cancer survivors. Why? So he can match up a newly diagnosed cancer patient with a mentor who is a cancer survivor . But not just any survivor.  Someone who has beaten the SAME EXACT cancer.

As someone who has lost both parents to cancer, I can’t tell you how beneficial that would have been for my parents. Even for those that don’t make it, just to have someone that understands exactly what they are going through is so valuable, so comforting. And for those lucky enough to survive, having that Angel there to guide them through the rough waters is absolutely priceless.

If you know a survivor or someone battling cancer, be sure and connect with Jonny and Imerman Angels!

What we discuss:

  • 0:20 – What Imerman Angels does
  • 4:00 – What gives Jonny the goosebumps?
  • 6:00 – Why Jonny lives in Chicago
  • 8:15Jonny’s near death story. 
  • 24:00 – Post interview chat

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