Joel Comm

Joel Comm is, as he likes to say, a big kid looking for a sandbox to play in. As one of the early pioneers of making a living on the internet, he has seen and done it all, except give a TED talk. Oh, wait, he’s about to cross that off the list too!

This talk was lot’s of fun, but since we were also live streaming it with Meerkat, taking questions from the internet, as well as us both taking turns interviewing each other don’t expect a logical flow to this episode!

What we discuss:

  • 2:15 – His time working at Barnes & Noble with his own books on the shelves
  • 4:15 – iFart, yes, he’s the one behind it
  • 4:30 – Joel’s first TED Talk
  • 10:15 – Joel live streams about the Tesla to his Meerkat audience as we roll down the road
  • 11:25 – Tesla take off
  • 18:15 – His experience driving for Uber
  • 18:45 – Joel comes bearing gifts – Thank you Joel, can’t wait to dive into the books!

More about Joel Comm: – His homebase.

@JoelComm on Twitter

Some of Joel’s Bestselling Books:

Twitter Power 3.0

Twitter Power 3.0

The AdSense Code

Social Poetry

Fun Stuff:

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