Denise Tomasetti – Food Talks

Denise Tomasetti takes the wheel of the Tesla to navigate through the mean streets of NYC as she dishes about food and relationships. She tells us several amusing real life stories about what eating food told her about her personal relationships with the opposite sex. Armed with these unique insights, Denise turned this knowledge into a fun & easy to read book on relationships: Food Talks!

What we discuss:

0:40 – Denise takes the wheel
1:40 – The Food Talks book
2:25 – What food was telling her
3:15 – What a “Not Tasty” is and how it can help you
7:05 – Traffic in NYC
8:50 – More Crazy NYC drivers
9:55 – How to avoid the dreaded “We need to talk” conversation

More about Denise:

Food Talks Book