David Siteman Garland – Create Awesome Online Courses

David Siteman Garland was one of the people who helped lead me on the path I’m now on. He teaches people how to take their knowledge, package it up into a product that can be sold online. He’s taught thousands of people how to create their own courses with many of them becoming very successful.  If you’ve got some valuable knowledge, don’t just sit on it, make it an online course!

I took his original course called “Create Awesome Interviews” a few years ago, which helped me launch VR Owner’s Guide. There, I interview vacation rental experts, which indirectly lead me to this project.

What we discuss:

  • 1:10 – Cliff notes version of what David does
  • 2:10 – How he turned his knowledge into a course, then made a course out of creating courses!
  • 6:00 – What gives David the goosebumps
  • 7:05 – The famous crying video
  • 9:40 – What David loves about St. Louis
  • 12:10 – The kind of people David helps

More about David:

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