Daily Updates 8-11

Here are the 4 Daily updates from May 2 to May 5, 2015.

#8 – Multi-Cam Edits.

Using the Final Cut Pro X software allows for getting two shots to line up perfectly. Shout out to @chrisfenwick for steering me in the right direction!

#9 Meerkat & Periscope + How to be a Guest in Tesla.

I’m going to be Live Streaming my face off with Periscope & Meerkat on this trip. This means you get to not only see what I see, but you get to interact, ask questions and even get a chance to guide the direction of the trip if you have a good suggestion or idea!

#10 Done With Uber, But It Helped Me Pay for Tesla

For more info on how I actually paid for my Tesla see my ebook here. No, I’m not rich, I had to get creative and work hard for it.

#11 Inside the Tesla – Quick 17″ Monitor Demo

Here’s just a few of the cool features that come with the Tesla. Some may think the screen is too big, but I disagree, it’s really functional. The great thing is that the car gets updated over the air every few months so that a 2 year old car now has the same software and updates as the latest ones out of the factory. All for free, all without a trip to the dealer.