Daily Updates 12 to 16

These are the pre-launch Daily Updates from May 6 to May 10, 2015 for the Million Dollar Tesla Trip

#12 Your Feedback Is Appreciated!

Thanks for all your support, ideas, and feedback about how to make this epic road trip better.

#13 My Top 25 Dream Guests for the Million Dollar Tesla Trip

Here it is, my rather ambitious blog post about who I would like to interview. How many will say yes? ┬áSome of that is up to you my friends. If you encourage them, it can help get them to agree and we all win ­čÖé

#14 Live Streaming with Meerkat & Periscope

Just a little live demo of Meerkat. Follow me on both platforms @SteveSasman

#15 Night Driving & Testing Sponsor Sample

Just as I thought, night driving isn’t that great from a viewer perspective. Luckily, I will be doing the vast majority of my driving during the day.

#16 Mother’s Day

This goes out to all the Mothers out there. Love you Mom!