Chris Strub – TeamStrub

Chris Strub is doing something special. Chris is volunteering at 50 youth organizations in 50 states in 100 days!

It isn’t easy.

I should know, as he’s doing something similar to what I’m doing, which is what made us both really want to cross paths to share our experiences, frustrations, highs and lows. There are plenty of both on a massive road trip. While it’s an adventure of a lifetime, it certainly isn’t a vacation. I think it’s safe to say we’ve both grown in significant ways. Watch the video to get a taste of what Chris has been up to all summer.

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What we discuss:

  • 1:00 – How we met and what Chris is doing
  • 1:55 – His favorite experiences so far
  • 4:45 – What gives Chris the goosebumps
  • 8:00 – DO IT NOW
  • 9:30 – What are YOU waiting for??
  • 16:12 – How you can help Chris help others

More about Chris:

@ChrisStrub on Meerkat, SnapChat & Twitter

Chris driving the Tesla!


The view above beautiful Pittsburgh PA!

Chris Strub

Chris and I on Meerkat!

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