What Chris Strub Taught Me at Periscope Summit

The incredible journey I went on this summer offered me the chance to meet some amazing people.

One man in particular, Chris Strub of #TeamStrub has really taken it to a new level.

Chris and I met as we were both on our 50 & 48 State road trips. We connected over social media and talked about driving to Hays, Kansas to meet. But that would have been 500+ miles out of our way. We passed.

Luckily, we were able to meet later in Pittsburg. Chris at this point was 75% done with his 100 day trip to volunteer at 50+ youth organizations in every state. We wanted to meet as we were probably the only 2 people who could relate to what the other was doing. The quest. The hard work. The long hours driving. Not knowing where you would sleep that night.

We had a great time at dinner etc, but it was the fact we both got to share in each other’s experience that made it special. I helped Chris dig up invasive trees at Pittsburg’s Frick Park as part of his project with Pittsburgh Parks. What a workout!

Team Strub in Pittsburg

Chris was able to join me in the Tesla to help tell his story that you can watch below:

After getting back to our “normal” lives, Chris reached out to me, asking for me to join him at Periscope Summit in San Fransisco. Periscope is a powerful new interactive live streaming app.  It was January 14-17, a trip neither of us could really afford after our summer trips. He ended up flying to Phoenix and, surprise surprise, we road tripped in the Tesla all the way up to San Fransisco.

He blew my mind many times, but two in particular stand out.

First, Chris gave his Periscope Summit speech the way HE thought he should give it, all risks of looking foolish be damned. This is even after some people he really respected advised against it.

His idea was to ask people in the audience to further his cause of helping youth organizations by teaching those orgs how to use the power of Periscope to tell their story. He brought with him 12 of the organizations T-shirts from his summer trip. Chris wanted to give the T-shirts out to those in the audience who said “Yes, I will help.” The first downside was the logistics of taking up most of his speaking time handing out shirts versus telling his story. Then there was the real risk of others not wanting to get involved in someone else’s project. It was a BIG ask.

I was in the room where it went down as I held Chris’s phone in the first row to live stream it for his audience.

It didn’t look good from the start.

Unfortunately, Chris’s talk was not labeled on the program, so unless you already knew his story there was no reason to go. Also, he was up against 2 other sessions with very well known Periscopers.

Rather than the 500+ people Chris deserved to be giving his talk to, there were literally about 12 people in the room. Talk about deflating.  I was really wondering if Chris was going to stick to his plan. I know this isn’t what he expected. Oh, and the audio didn’t work for his video he was going to show. Did he let this deter him?

Hell to the NO.

Chris forged forward, with a passionate speech. So much so that nearly everyone in the room walked out with a shirt and a mission.

Un-freaking-believable. If you didn’t walk out without the goosebumps or a tear in your eye, you might be a robot.

It’s too bad more people didn’t see it, but the small crowd would tell you Chris brought it just as hard – no matter what.

Incredibly, this was just a warm up for the greatest moment at Periscope Summit 2016.

Before the Summit, Chris befriended Piano man Dotan Negrin better know as @PianoAround and his girlfriend @FallonAshlee on Periscope even before they met in real life.  Dotan doesn’t just play the piano. He quit his job 5 years ago and has traveled to over 20 countries with the same piano, making people happy all over the world one performance at a time.

Dotan and Fallon drove their piano from NY to San Fransisco to give a performance on the big stage at 8:30 on Saturday night. Similar to Chris’s disappointing crowd for his speech, it wasn’t to be. There was a “scheduling glitch” of sorts. I don’t know the details, but the bottom line his performance was canceled or postponed or whatever.

Did I mention they drove a van from NY to California to perform at the Summit?

A lot of people were rightfully angry. Chris would have none of it. Rather than complain, Chris and Fallon were determined to make it a positive. And ohhh did they ever.

The only place they would allow the piano was a tiny room that looked like a storage room with extra chairs etc. Are you kidding me?

It didn’t matter.

The concert would go on.  Soon, with Chris rallying the troops, the room was filling with people. Some of the biggest Periscopers started  streaming it live. More and more crowded into the room, with thousands more watching around the world. Dotan started playing and was soon joined by some great singers, a sax player and even some beat box rappers. The room had that rare feeling that something special was happening and everyone knew it.

Then between a song, Chris grabbed control of the situation.  He yelled out across the room, and explained that everyone Periscoping was to follow his lead. Everyone was to end their own stream and instruct their followers to jump on Dotan’s stream so that he would get all the love on his stream. Chris wanted all the attention to go to Dotan.

Chris being Chris… shining the light on someone else:

Chris Strub in action


Here’s just one of the live Periscope sessions that captured the moment as it happened.


Is passion.

Is leadership.

That is turning a bad situation into an unforgettable one no one in the room will ever forget.

Thank you Chris, for making me attend and showing me what’s possible with this new technology. And showing this slightly older guy that these darn Millennials are not all entitled slackers, but an impressive group of powerful leaders.

7 things I learned from Chris and the Periscope Summit in general


  1. Take a risk.
  2. Believe in YOUR vision.
  3. Leave it all on the table. Don’t hold back.
  4. Give, and give, and give some more.
  5. Live streaming isn’t about just showing people a sunset. It’s about connecting with people. The relationships you can form through live streaming are real and very powerful. By networking, even in the comments with other commenters you can connect with others around the world. I was blown away at how excited people were to meet other Scopers they had never met in real life before.
  6. To get the most out of live streaming you have to not only broadcast, but watch and support other broadcasters. Share the great things you see with your followers. Yes, it’s basic social media 101, but sometimes we forget the simplest things.
  7. I believe using Periscope makes you a better person, and makes the world a better place.  I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.  It forces you to become a better speaker. Forces you to give value – if you are going to grow your audience, you have to. It reinforces good behavior and punishes the bad.


Needless to say, follow #TeamStrub on Periscope, SnapChat, Twitter, and everywhere else at @ChrisStrub. I’m excited to see what he does next…

You’ve set the bar high Chris. Keep on pushing.


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Road Trip Essentials: Corn Nuts or Beef Jerky?

A little fun on the road….

Road Trips are great because you get into some really random conversations. See above.

This corny conversation was with Brian Hribar from SignOnCar.com. We actually had a good business conversation, but the sound quality was poor for the beginning which made most of the story unusable. However, here is the footage that did work.

My Top 25 Dream Guests

Who has inspired me?  These people.

They all have great stories and help lots of people. Give them a little nudge with a tweet below to encourage them to join the Million Dollar Tesla Trip so we can all benefit from their wisdom & insight. If you are not following them already, you should be.

My goal is 5 or more of the 25 to ride with me, even for 5 minutes, to share a slice of wisdom or a good story. One of the 25 is already on board…but which one is a secret for now. 🙂

Having a handful of these greats join me will help bring attention to all the “normal” people I interview who deserve a shining light on their stories as well.

In no particular order:

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