My Top 25 Dream Guests

Who has inspired me?  These people.

They all have great stories and help lots of people. Give them a little nudge with a tweet below to encourage them to join the Million Dollar Tesla Trip so we can all benefit from their wisdom & insight. If you are not following them already, you should be.

My goal is 5 or more of the 25 to ride with me, even for 5 minutes, to share a slice of wisdom or a good story. One of the 25 is already on board…but which one is a secret for now. 🙂

Having a handful of these greats join me will help bring attention to all the “normal” people I interview who deserve a shining light on their stories as well.

In no particular order:

Elon Musk – For Your Genius  Hey @elonmusk Surprise Steve & hitch a ride - Million Dollar Tesla Trip Click To Tweet

David Siteman Garland – For Your Courses <<<David’s Tesla Ride>>>

Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel – For Your Pranks Which Jimmy Will Ride in the Tesla? @jimmyfallon or @jimmykimmel ? Click To Tweet

Gary Vaynerchuk – For your Hustle Yo @garyvee How's this for #AskGaryVee Will you ride Shotgun with Steve? Click To Tweet

Amanda Oleander – For Your Periscoping Hey @amandaoleander you should Periscope from Steve's Tesla Click To Tweet

Keith Ferrazzi – For Your Connectedness Hey @ferrazzi Help Steve Never Drive Alone In Hoc Click To Tweet

Robert Scoble – For Your Sharing Yea @scobleizer Bring your 360 in the Tesla and ride with me! Click To Tweet

John Lee Dumas – For Your Consistency JLD @johnleedumas Are you prepared to Insane Mode? Click To Tweet

Leilani Munter – For Your Eco-Badassery Hello @LeilaniMunter Join this epic 20,000 mile Tesla Trip Click To Tweet

Oprah – For Your Impact What Interview show in a Tesla would be complete without @Oprah? #OWN it Click To Tweet

Mari Smith – For Your Attitude Hello @marismith can you teach us Facebook on the Tesla Trip? Click To Tweet

Jay Baer – For Your Smarts Hey @Jaybaer you should film a #JayToday from this Tesla Click To Tweet

Peter Shankman – For Your Savvy  Hey @petershankman YOUR Zombie Loyalists want you to be on the Tesla show Click To Tweet

Pharrell – For Your Happiness I'd be happy if @Pharrell would ride in this Tesla Click To Tweet

Tim Ferriss – For Your Ingenuity  Hey @tferriss go ride in Steve's Tesla (for way less than 4 hours) Click To Tweet

Andrew Warner – For Your Questions All Freedom Fighters request @AndrewWarner to Interview Steve in the Tesla Click To Tweet

Casey Neistat – For Your Films Hey @CaseyNeistat vlog away as part of this Tesla Road Trip Click To Tweet

Mark Cuban – For Your Balls  Hey @mcuban - Dirk's too big, but he wants you to ride in the Tesla Click To Tweet

Anthony Bourdain – For Your Stories Hey @Bourdain you drive a Tesla, so why not be a guest on this Tesla Road Trip? Click To Tweet

Prince Ea – For Your Message Yea @PrinceEa you are smooth, give us a groove in Steve's Tesla Click To Tweet

Mike Rowe – For Your Work Somebody's got to do it. IT = Ride in Tesla. Why not @mikeroweworks Click To Tweet

Pat Flynn – For Your Honesty  Hey @PatFlynn it's no DeLorean, it's the real car of the future. Join this Tesla Trip Click To Tweet

Magic Johnson – For Your Showtime Yo @magicjohnson will your big personality fit in to Steve's Tesla? Click To Tweet

Bethany Hamilton – For Your Courage Hey @bethanyhamilton we know you ride waves but will you ride in a Tesla? Click To Tweet