The Million Dollar Tesla Trip is about several main concepts:

1)  Sharing Your Great Stories With the World – I can’t wait to hear what you have to say on the SuperCharged Show!

2) Sharing the Tesla – It’s no secret the Tesla is an amazing car – but now you get a chance to experience one first hand.

3) Providing a Huge Value to Sponsors – This is going to be the most unique sponsorship opportunity of the year.


About Steve Sasman

Profile2I was one of those people who watched Elon Musk build Tesla and the more I learned, the more interested and inspired I became. There was only one problem. Like many, the Tesla was WAY out of my grasp financially. But I just couldn’t shake the Tesla bug. I started to think outside the box and researched every way possible to help pay for a Tesla. After a lot of time and effort, I finally pulled the trigger, sold my 2002 Ford Explorer for $5200 and bought the car. But I didn’t go the typical route of buying new, I saved almost 40K buying used. I picked up a sexy P85 with 35,000 miles.  I still used up a big chunk of my savings which wasn’t too smart, along with a loan, but I had a plan to pay for the car. I got commercial insurance so I could be a limo service in Arizona, and drive for Uber. That is of course the most obvious way to make your Tesla pay for itself and have a great excuse to drive it lots. However, that was only one of many ideas.

I decided to take my experience and created an eBook called “How Anyone Can Afford a Tesla” since I knew there were millions of people in my same shoes. People who wanted a Tesla, but needed a way to make it a reality.

Next, I decided to combine my “real” job in Vacation Rentals with the Tesla.


I created the “World’s First Tesla Hotel” by putting an airbed in the back of the Tesla. (It actually sleeps very well I must say).  The story ended up going completely viral and was seen on CNN, ABC World News Tonight, Huffington Post, GQ, Today.com and hundreds of blogs all around the world.

That experience really solidified my hunch that few companies get the media more excited than Tesla. I realized that I had just created millions of dollars worth of publicity for both Tesla and AirBnb.

Meanwhile, I had just been interviewed to be a possible host for a Vacation Rental Reality Show (rehabbing failing rentals) since that’s my expertise. I actually mentioned to the casting agent that “hey, we should have me drive my Tesla to the different locations and make that part of the show.”  Well, that show never launched. But guess what? That planted the seed… “I should do my own show.  And on my own show I will definitely include the freaking Tesla! ”  I also knew I could once again design something that created tremendous awareness and value for my sponsors.

It took a few months of annoying my friends trying to find the right angle for my trip. I wanted to create something bigger than me, bigger than Tesla. Something that would positively impact people, but also be fun and help tell the Tesla story in the background.

I think I found it:

Creating an incredibly unique platform for others to tell THEIR story. Their stories that would inspire us, make us laugh, and make us think as we roll down the road in a Tesla.  We get to learn about people from all walks of life from every corner of this great country, as well as our friends in Canada.

I encourage you to join me on this epic journey in any way you can. Can’t wait to see you on the road!